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For more than ten years now, the Fördertechnik Museum in Sinsheim has opened its doors to all visitors who are enthusiastic about technology, research and development. On the site of the former Axmann Fördertechnik company, the great importance of conveyor technology is shown in an extensive collection on 2,500 m² of hall space. In addition, the museum includes an indoor play hall and, at weekends and during holidays, also offers the opportunity to take on the role of a real inventor with the “fischertechnik” construction kit system. Visit us in Sinsheim and experience unforgettable hours in our museum with the whole family.

Our adventure museum contains a unique collection of exhibits from all eras of transport development. More than 150 systems and devices, ranging from wheels to high-tech equipment, can not only be viewed up close during a visit, but also experienced in full function. Visitors are allowed to put the conveyor technology into operation and have to lend a hand themselves when a lift is set in motion or a fictitious river is to be crossed with a gondola.

The largest installations and exhibits include a letter sorting machine and a shoe sorter from the USA. Numerous teddy bears, rabbits and other funny plush figures do laps around the museum on a roller coaster, among other things, and are not only exciting for the little visitors to discover. In addition to a variety of different conveyor systems, often provided by generous companies, the Fördertechnik Museum Sinsheim also displays a collection of its own creative installations, such as a climbing mobile equipped with footballs and a wild volleyball game – balls flung up by numerous compressed air cannons, similar to a water game.

However, the Fördertechnik Museum in Sinsheim is not only a place of technology, but also a place full of emotions. In addition to the fascinating exhibits, there are other masterpieces such as sculptures of steel horses and life-size cows that move with a motor drive and bring their limbs to life in an almost living way. This interplay of art and technology gives the museum a unique atmosphere that captivates visitors.

But it is not only the moving sculptures that are impressive; the oldest pieces in the museum in Sinsheim also have a very special story to tell. A 200-year-old ladder wagon from Romania lets visitors immerse themselves in times gone by and conveys a feeling for the means of transport of past generations. Nearby is a good 120-year-old, fully functional mill lift that still masters its craft and amazes its visitors with its technical precision.

The Fördertechnik Museum in Sinsheim is located near Heidelberg and Heilbronn and is easily accessible via the A6 motorway. You will recognise the Fördertechnik Museum by its two landmarks: The giant pipe, which points the way into the museum, and carriage 5 of the Wuppertal suspension railway, which was taken out of service in 2017 and has since served the Fördertechnik Museum as a walk-in visitor attraction.

An exciting new feature became part of the Fördertechnik Museum Sinsheim in 2015 and has been generating excitement ever since. An indoor play hall was built to offer young visitors an incomparable experience full of fun and games.

The indoor play hall is a true paradise for young and old alike, a place where excess energy can be released – be it playing football, hurtling down the three climbing slides or racing with the fun companions of the racing car park. A game at the table tennis table also ensures fun and good humour and must not be missed. And even the smallest visitors are not forgotten with a play area specially designed for them at the Fördertechnik Museum in Sinsheim: A shop, various building and play corners offer them the opportunity to live out their imagination and experience unforgettable moments. The indoor play area can be a welcome change after an exciting and fascinating day at the exhibits!

Important: the indoor play area may only be entered with socks/slides/sneakers or the museum’s own overshoes.

Open workshop every weekend 12:00 – 17:00 hrs

Axmann workshop on request/ on selected days 12:00 – 17:00 hrs.

In order to not only demonstrate technology to visitors, but to make it tangible in the truest sense of the word, the open workshop was created in 2016. Here, tinkerer’s spirit and creativity are in demand every weekend: marble runs, vehicles, amusement parks, conveyor belts and robots are just a handful of the projects in the extensive collection that can be realised with the help of the fischertechnik modular system. So every visitor can feel like a real inventor every weekend between 12 and 5 pm.

On selected days, visitors also have access to the Axmann workshop. Here, a self-developed modular system is waiting to be discovered. Various models from the field of conveyor technology can be assembled from original industrial profiles, motors and tools. From the supposedly simple conveyor belt to the complicated robot, we are constantly expanding our range. Read more:

And if there is not enough time for building: no problem! Offers for workshops can be found here.

Special events are held at regular intervals in cooperation with the “Erlebnismuseum Fördertechnik e.V.” sponsoring association. From lectures on the subject of electromobility to a repair café and a museum vernissage, the aim is to organize interesting events that go beyond the subject of technology.

The museum’s offerings are particularly popular with children’s birthday groups. The combination of museum playground and workshop promises an unforgettable day in Sinsheim where boredom is a foreign word.

If you are looking for a place to organize events ranging from children’s birthday parties to club meetings, representative conferences or similar, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Did you know?

Intralogistics refers to the internal flow of materials and goods as the company’s internal logistics.

Familie mit Museumsroboter Nobby vor der Ausstellung

Family & Kids

The museum aims for making the world of conveying technology accessible to adults as well as children.

Vier Jungs entwickeln ein Fahrzeug

School & University

Students and pupils not only from technical institutions can learn a lot of the machines’ and devices’ principles of operation.

Produktentwicklung am Computer

Research & development

New products and technologies are developed in the museum with the aid of own and external engineers.