Technical Museum in Sinsheim – Research & development

New products are developed in the museum with the aid of own and external technicians. We are also pleased to work together with other companies or to develop especially for these. At best, the new developments are produced and distributed by those companies.

There are also some developments made especially for the museum which then remain there as exhibits and complement the existing machines and devices.

Did you know?

In large parcel distribution centers, e.g. B. in Chicago or Louisville, more than 3 million packages are sorted every day.

Vier Jungs entwickeln ein Fahrzeug

School & University

Students and pupils not only from technical institutions can learn a lot of the machines’ and devices’ principles of operation.

Junge arbeitet an einem Modell

Events & Workshops

A versatile construction programme is available for children of all ages in cooperation with Fischer-Technik.

Gelände des Fördertechnikmuseums

Tutorials & meetings

There are conference rooms for tutorials and meetings in the museum as well as a bistro for your culinary well-being.