Technical Museum in Sinsheim – Research & development

The Fördertechnik Museum is not only a place where the past of technology is celebrated, but also a place where research is carried out for the future. New products are developed here, with the help of a highly qualified team of in-house and external technicians. The atmosphere in the museum is one of creativity and innovation, and there is a great passion for pushing the boundaries of technology further and further. At the Fördertechnik Museum Sinsheim, the past and the future are always present.

Cooperation with companies

Close cooperation with companies is of great importance. The Fördertechnik Museum, based in Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg, values cooperation with companies and is always open to partnerships, whether in research, development or production. This is where ideas and expertise come together to create customized solutions. In some cases, products are even developed specifically for companies to meet their individual requirements. These partnerships often lead to great successes when the new developments can be produced and successfully marketed by the companies.

Construction of valuable exhibits for the technical museum

In addition, we also design special constructions that are intended exclusively for use in the museum. As soon as the unique pieces are completed, they will expand our exhibition and enrich the collection of devices and equipment in the Fördertechnik Museum. We are pleased and proud that the valuable constructions help shape the history of technical innovation.

Did you know?

In large parcel distribution centers, e.g. B. in Chicago or Louisville, more than 3 million packages are sorted every day.

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School & University

In addition to school classes, we also invite study groups from universities and colleges to visit us at the Fördertechnik-Museum.

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Events & Workshops

Our events offer children and young people exciting experiences in the field of technology and invention.

Gelände des Fördertechnikmuseums

Business & seminars

The museum provides conference rooms for seminars and company meetings. Catering is also provided in our bistro.

News & Events

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