Family & Kids – Your exciting family day at the museum

The weekend is coming or a vacation in the south of Germany in Baden-Württemberg is planned? Are you looking for an exciting excursion destination for your family? Visit our Fördertechnik Museum with your children and get excited about science and technology during your excursion. And if your children really want to let off steam, we invite them to our varied indoor playground, where fun and action are guaranteed. Come by and experience beautiful moments with us during your vacation or weekend in Baden-Württemberg – we look forward to your visit!

Always worth a trip – the Fördertechnik Museum for the whole family

Our museum in Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg, vividly presents the world of materials handling technology to both adults and children and encourages enthusiasm for science and technology. For example, almost all of the equipment can be put into operation via pushbuttons or with the help of one’s own muscle power, making it easy to see how it works and how it functions. By trying things out and exploring them together, the Fördertechnik Museum creates a space for families to acquire new knowledge.

Together with their children, each family can gain their own experience on a tour of the museum, be guided by the museum robot “Nobby” and have the individual exhibits explained to them. Are you interested in a booked guided tour? Contact us and let a museum employee explain the technical and scientific background.

Attached to the Fördertechnik Museum is an indoor playground for letting off steam, two workshops for tinkering and building, and a bistro for relaxing and enjoying – the ideal excursion destination for families with children in Baden-Württemberg with fun for young and old.

Experience the best day of the year – children’s birthday party at the Fördertechnik Museum.

Are you looking for a suitable location for a child’s birthday party? In our Fördertechnik Museum, children can immerse themselves in the exciting world of technology and combine science with lots of fun.

The day starts with an exciting exploration tour through the exhibition halls, during which our charming museum robot “Nobby” guides through the exhibits with his lovable manner and explains everything. Afterwards, the children can let out their pent-up energy in our indoor play hall. In addition, a joint excursion to our racing car park ensures lots of fun and action.

Of course, a festively decorated birthday table, which we provide for adults and children, should not be missing from a successful birthday party. Are you interested in celebrating a child’s birthday with us? Here you can learn more about it and contact us directly!

Attached to the Fördertechnik Museum is an indoor playground. Here, children big and small can work off their excess energy – whether it’s on the indoor soccer pitch, a fast slide down one of the three climbing slides, playing hide-and-seek in the obstacle course, racing a fun vehicle from the racing fleet, or in a duel at the ping-pong table or table football. There is also a play corner for the youngest with a store, a wooden train and a tree house with a slide. While parents supervise their children, they can relax on our homemade roller chairs and massage tables.

Please bring (slide) socks or gym slippers to use the indoor play area, as shoes must be removed in the hall and walking barefoot is not encouraged for hygienic reasons.

Being on your feet all day and discovering and trying out new things makes you hungry and thirsty. No problem – after all the different activities we offer families chips and tarte flambée in our museum bistro. There we provide you with various non-alcoholic drinks, coffee specialties or even muffins, cakes and snacks. And not only children enjoy our large selection in the ice chest at any time of the year.

Our bistro rounds off the museum as an unforgettable destination in Baden-Württemberg and invites all visitors to a relaxing stay and to recharge their batteries.

Please note that eating and drinking is not allowed in the exhibition halls as well as in the indoor play hall.

Did you know?

In materials handling, general cargo is the term used to describe all items that can be viewed as a unit during conveying, regardless of their shape or weight.

Ausstellung zu Fließband und Mini-Achterbahn

Children’s birthday party

Children can celebrate their birthday in a technological atmosphere and explore the exciting world of conveyor technology.

Vier Jungs entwickeln ein Fahrzeug

School & University

In addition to school classes, we also invite study groups from universities and colleges to visit us at the Fördertechnik-Museum.

Produktentwicklung am Computer

Research & development

New products are developed in the museum, also with the help of our own or external technicians.

News & Events

Kind arbeitet mit Fischertechnik-Baukasten