Indoor playground in the Heidelberg region – a varied excursion destination for families

Too bad weather to play outside or no ideas what to do with the kids? A visit to the indoor playground in Sinsheim in Baden-Wurttemberg, right next to the Fördertechnik Museum, is the right choice for families! In 2015, the museum was expanded to include the indoor play area, giving children space to let out their energy.

Our indoor playground at the Fördertechnik Museum in Sinsheim is the perfect destination for families, as young and old alike will find plenty to do: From an indoor soccer field, races with a fun vehicle from the racing fleet and a slide paradise to an obstacle course, table tennis or table soccer, there is something for everyone. There are even play opportunities for the smallest guests: These include a play corner with a grocery store, a wooden train set and even a tree house with a slide. While the children happily let off steam in the indoor play area, parents can meanwhile switch off and relax on our homemade roller chairs or massage loungers. Those who want to encourage enthusiasm for science and technology are, of course, welcome to visit our Fördertechnik Museum.

Please note that (slide) socks or gym slippers must be brought and worn to use the indoor playground, as shoes and barefoot running are not desired in the hall for hygienic reasons.

If the weather is bad, indoor playgrounds still offer children a welcome opportunity to let off their energy through play and have fun. The indoor playground in Sinsheim is particularly suitable for this and promises children an extensive and varied range of things to play with – whether alone or together with other children.

Play, fun and action make you hungry and thirsty – the museum bistro at the indoor playground is a welcome place to fortify yourself with drinks and snacks after the romp. Please note that eating and drinking is not permitted in the indoor play area.

In childhood, playing is one of the basic needs and is elementary for individual development. Children perceive feelings, connect things with each other and train their brain and mind. But also physically, children begin to test their physical abilities and understand their own body and its limits. In addition, playing and romping together with friends promotes social skills and the development of the child’s own personality. Children also learn to assess things correctly by recognizing risks in play.

Celebrate the birthday of your children in our indoor playground in Sinsheim and offer them a very special birthday party. Dive together with the little ones into the exciting world of science and technology in our Fördertechnik Museum and then let the children explore the indoor playground and spend some time there. The indoor playground offers fun for young and old and has benefits even for parents. Every celebration also includes its own birthday table, which we provide for you. You can order this either with or without food. We look forward to your visit to our indoor playground in Sinsheim!

Vier Jungs entwickeln ein Fahrzeug

School & University

In addition to school classes, we also invite study groups from universities and colleges to visit us at the Fördertechnik-Museum.

Produktentwicklung am Computer

Research & development

New products are developed in the museum, also with the help of our own or external technicians.

Gelände des Fördertechnikmuseums

Business & seminars

The museum provides conference rooms for seminars and company meetings. Catering is also provided in our bistro.

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